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Asgard3 is a multi-functional battle.net client. It is designed in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and requires the Microsoft DotNet Framework 3.5. Asgard3 is capable of loading multiple clients in a single executable. Asgard3 supports plugins which can be wrriten in either C#, VB.Net, or C++. Asgard3 is compiled for Mono on Linux using MonoDevelop.

Windows - Linux

´╗┐Build 3869
+Added Y flag for auto designate.
+Fixed on leave error.
+Added plugins command to view plugins.

Build 3842
+added /profiles command to Asgard3-CLI.exe
+fixed issues where the bot would crash if verbyte is missing.
+updated my bnet name in the version command.

Build 3830
+Fixed file save bug which would cause a random error.

Build 3826
+Updated hashing for D2

Build 3816
+Added the ability to set font and font size.
+Emnet handling properly done for new emnet stuff
+General bug fixes

Build 3461
+Complete redesign of RTB backend storage system massive performance increase.

Build 3455
+Fixed RTB backend system should see better performance.

Build 3451
+Fixed clone profile
+Relaxed filter system.

Build 3448
+Fixed a few issues and revamped the queue times.

Build 3429
+Fixed timestamp issues regarding chat.

Build 3421
+Updated timings for the asgard queue sharin system
+Redesigned the chat document for storing chat information fixing the memory leak.

Build 3409
+Fixed an issue with the RichTextBox not removing lines
+Updated the AsgardQueueSharingSystem plugin

Build 3395
+Added Asgard3-CLI
+Revamped AsgardQueueSharingSystem
+Added Socks5 Support
+Fixed memory leak issue relating to the RTBLib
+Linux supported and tested on debian 7.0 and ubuntu 10.04 LTS with latest mono framework

Build 3085
+Fixed filters and certain flag update / rejoin channel issues causing names to appear multiple times.

Build 3084
+Changed the error submission system, submission of the error is up to the end user.

Build 3067
+Fixed up the queue sharing plufin system.
+Revamped the operator plugin to help ensure double banning doesn't happen.

Build 3058
+Ok, filters are fixed now just tested them. Stupid typo messaged them up.
+Fixed asgardqueuesharing system disconnection freeze issue.
+Fixed operator status not reset when rejoining a channel.

Build 3044
+Fixed filter issues hopefully shouldn't filter non filtered people.

Build 2985
+Asgard3 now uses ZeroBot filter system.
+Fixed issues with the operator plugin and queue sytem

Build 2896
+Fixed asgardqueuesharingsystem issue with war3 and whispering.
+Reworked backend bnet packet sanity checks.

Build 2888
+Added socks4 and http proy support, may have issues with hashing if so use bnls until addressed.
+WARNING realm support won't work using proxies yet.
+Added cycle realm characters so your characters wont expire.
+Part of the filter system has been disabled as it wasn't performing as well as expected.

Build 2865
+Fixed issues with the channel and chat document.
+Fixed tab issues when on warcraft 2.
+Fixed asgardqueuesharing plugin.

Build 2854
+Now includes .pdb files for better error reporting.
+Changed the auto update system a bit.

Build 2842
+Revamped the Asgard3 installer

Build 2799
+Fixed bugs relating to the channel document.
+Fixed bugs related to battlenetformatuser

Build 2775
+Fixed issue with http requests erroring.
+Added cdkey santity checks.

Build 2721
+Fixed error if bot is missing hashes.
+Added back thumbnails using websnaper

Build 2705
+Made massive changes to the UI backend.
+Fixed bugs with link display system.
+Fixed profile having and not have tabs correctly so you can easily change it without unloading the profile.
Build 2679

+Made changes to the auto update system.

Build 2663

+Massive performance increases due to backend changes.

+Fixes to the filter system.

Build 2643
+Massive changes to filter system

+Bug fixes regarding the new UI
+Added the ability to control if the bot checks for updates periodically or not

and if so how often.

Build 2620

-Removed thumbnail image as it used way to much memory and could be a security risk.

Build 2614

+Cleaned up code.

+Revamped thumbnails for links

+Enhanced error handling.

+Fixed crazy scrolling and made thumbnail tooltips a fixed width.

Build 2598

+ Added try/catch for WebSnapr function, in case js doesn't load.

+Added Function SaveXML in Asgard3.Core.cs

+Updated Function LoadXML to return the object type rather than an object.

+Added New Namespace Asgard3.XML.BnlsDatabase

+Added the following files to the Asgard3.XML.BnlsDatabase
- BnlsDatabase.cs

- BnlsItem.cs

- BnlsList.cs

- BnlsWebList.cs

- BnlsWebItem.cs

+Fixed issue with WebSnapr returning bad thumbs for hyperlinks. Only returns homepage thumbnail now.

+Fixed Regex match for http and www links. Still no expression for domain only-strings.

+Fixed issue regarding profile config window and bnls server list.

Build 2593

+LineLimit for chat now works.
+Chat channel tooltips added.

Build 2570

+Revamped download system again!
+Added file crc check decreasing update time.

Build 2544

+Revamped the autiupdate system and implemented some new UI changes.

+Fixed channel list issues.

Build 2519

+Revamped user interface and added some more settings

Build 2477
+Updated asgard3 plugin issues caused by new installer system.
+Updated the asgard 3 launcher.

Build 2461
+Changed updater code it now checks both last modified time and filesize if either are different
it will attempt to update.

Build 2457
+Added installer system
+Updated the about window

Build 2341
+Fixed operator plugin error regarding the force command.
+Fixed auto update bug regarding file status

Build 2338
+Added Minimize To Tray in Features so you can enable or disable the tray icon.

Build 2217
+Added the AsgardQueueSharingSystem.dll

Build 2147
+Added the Operator.dll
+Fixed some bugs with the plugin system

Build 2096
+Added the ability to disable startup checking for bot files and plugins.

Build 2090
+Fixed Asgard3WPF.exe to work with the changes made to the core regarding icons.

Build 2058
+Revamped the plugin system to allow plugins to add one ore more listviews to the bot profiles gui.

Build 2041
+Revamped the Asgard3 Launcher.
+Changed how the bot loads and checks file on startup.
+Added in icon downloading, Asgard3 now uses icons.bni which is downloaded from battle.net.
+SimpleQueueSystem now has the cq command which requires the flag of F

Build 1911
+Now includes the DatabaseManagement plugin
+Now includes the ToolKit plugin, to use the plugin make sure you have a trigger set and have added yourself with the flags of I
using the database management plugin. It has the following commands, google, translate, wolfram, twitter. examples as follows:
google 2+ 2
translate german hello world!
twitter username
wolfram e=mc^2
+Fixed bugs related to plugins not working without a tab for the profile.

Build 1878
+Fixed the simple queue plugin.
+Revamped the command system.
+Fixed a few errors related to profiles being shown or not.

Build 1823
+Added profiles menu

Build 1816
+Fixed remove profile.
+Added rename profile.
+Added clone profile.

Build 1800
+Added in tabcontrol images.

Build 1799
+Updated the Asgard3 Launcher.
+Changed default font in Asgard3.

Build 1755
+Debug Window now uses a monospace font.
+Realm login will be remember unless you manually connect to the realm.
+Fixed parsing bug when you received a whisper due to changes i made to fix statstring parsing.

Build 1742
+Added in realm character creation and deletion and fixed statstring parsing for diablo 2 for both realm character list
and in channel.

Build 1669
+Expanded realm support to include character stat information and protection has been implemented so the end user
will not get themselves ipbanned. Logging on an Expansion character while on normal D2 WILL RESULT IN AN IPBAN.

Build 1662
+Realm login support added
+Fixed a few bugs related to the plugin system.

Build 1617
+Revamped data arrival for battle.net connections
+Added in the command dictionary for each bot profile (used for a command system which will be added
through plugins later).

Build 1570
+Added the offical simple queue system plugin.
+Fixed some bugs related to plugins.

Build 1541
+Added in the ability to select which plugins are loaded on each profile.
+Updated the Asgard3Launcher to ensure it doesn't have any trouble while updating the bot.

Build 1536
+Fixed plugin update error, it would detect plugins needed to be updated but was unable to update them due to file access violation.

Build 1517
+Revamped update system and the plugin system, plugins can now include required information for the bot to automatically update them.
+Asgard3WPF seems to be stable with local warden now due to changes i have made.

Build 1483
+Added support for creating and implementing a queue system via plugins.
+Revamped the backend connection coding should see major performance boosts under heavy flooding and large loads.
+Fixed and renamed the profile manager to the profile config as profile manager will be needed for upcoming features.
+WARNING: Asgard3WPF will not always respond to warden it seems to random;y decide not to respond every so often and your profile will automatically reconnect
+IMPORTANT: At this time plugins are not supports by Asgard3WPF
+Updated the ExamplePlugin.zip with an example of how to do a queue system and other stuff.

Build 1372
+Fixed chat events (They will now show up -.-)
+Fixed filters time a bit more.
+Added hotkeys to Asgard3 WPF
F1 = Connect
F2 = Disconnect
PageUp = Next Profile
PageDown = Previous Profile

Build 1352
+Fixed filters up some.
+Added the Asgard3WPF Alpha Edition (For those who want to test it out. It doesn't have all the abilities that Asgard3.exe has).
+Code changes to core to allow for better intergration into Asgard3WPF.
+Plugins can now override default warden handling with there own methods.

Build 1312
+Fixed profile manager bug where it didn't register that you changed server in certain areas of the code.
+If you change the realm display settings it will update automatically.

Build 1303
+Added in flood filters
+Added the ability to show or hide joins and leaves
+Added the UserList and opened it up to plugins which allows you to access the users in the channel and such.

Build 1205
+Revamped the update system, won't allow you to begin updating while a file is downloading.
+Code Optimization.

Build 1190
+Added in the database and allowed plugins to access it.
+Updated the example plugin.
+Updated the Asgard3Core.dll

Build 1156
+Changed down to the microsoft dot net framework 3.5.
+Fixed a bug with profile unloading.

Build 1126
+Major changes to the BattleNetClient (Major changes under the hood)

Build 1104
+Now requires the microsoft dot net framrwork 4.0 beta 2.
+Code optimization.

Build 1055
+Fixed bug with join / leaves that was created due to revamping of battle.net events.

Build 1051
+Revamped plugin system adding in GetSetting and SaveSetting.
+Added increased error handling for the plugin system.

Build 1035
+Revamped color scheme and display of events.
+Added in bot profile commands
/clear (Clears the chat window)
/lines (Sets the limit of how many lines to kep before removing the top one.)
/profile (Looks up a battle.net users profile)

Build 1012
+Revamped about menu.
+Revamped startup checks and code.

Build 990
+Revamped the plugin system.
+Added a plugin example in VB.NET

Build 961
+Added the ground work for the plugin system.
+Added the plugins folder.
+Added a basic example of the plugin system in action.

Build 797
+Added about window.
+Updated automatic update code to fix some bugs.

Build 758
+Added OS Information.
+Added new icon thanks to Justice@BnetDev.net
+Adjusted for windows 7 pin to task bar.
+Updated local warden files.

Build 697
+Fixed the bug when attempting to have a profile load automatically.
+Fixed the bug when attempting to have a profile auto connect.

Build 694
+Added automatic hash downloading and updating.
+Added automatic bot update system.
+Added advanced channel tooltips (Diablo 2 statstring parsing isn't working 100% yet). sys
+Added automatic checking for updates every 6 hours.

Build 642
+Added BNLS Server list.
+Redesigned the profile manager backend.

Build 624
+Added cdkey management to the profile manager.

Build 609
+Added profile manager.
+Changed profile loading.
+Added profile saving.
+Added username realm settings.
+Changed config file structure.
+Added autoload of profile.
+Added autoconnect of profile.

Build 475
+Added reading battle.net user profiles.
+Added writing battle.net user profiles.
+Fixed battle.net statstring parsing error.

Build 443
+Expanded support for friends list, now shows more information.
+Friends list will do a complete refresh every 7 minutes.
+Clan list will do a complete refresh every 11 minutes.

Build 435
+Added support for clan list.
+Added support for friends list.
+Added auto reconnect (will check if your disconnect and should attempt to reconnect every 60 seconds).

Overview - Download - Guide - Screenshots - Changelog